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Featuring complex fighting moves and a rich story set in a dark grey fantasy world, Deadly Edge is an homage to 16 bit side-scrolling action adventures (and even fighting!) games from the 1990s. Every battle encountered is a one-on-one duel to the death, and the levels are designed to require multiple play-throughs to see all of its bizarre secrets, dripping with lore and mystery.

Ancient horrors have descended on the dark, cursed land of South Glenn. The Emperor has sent one man to investigate: Grey, a skilled swordsman with a blood-stained past. Mutated creatures and tragic victims of the spreading blight stand in the way of a twisted plot that threatens the entire world… can Grey find the root of evil and help the people of this land?

As Grey, your journey will lead you through tombs and catacombs, castles and caves on a quest to destroy the source of all this chaos - the truth of which will shock the empire!
Vanquish over 25 unique enemies including 14 brutal bosses to save South Glenn from an evil ruler and other much darker ancient evils!

The gameplay is as challenging as they come with no levels or power-ups, just your own skill against legions of unique enemies. Can you find the cause of the curse that ravages the land?


Deadly Edge was developed by two-man team Bison Kings Game Studios based in Wyoming and features music and sound effects by Auxene Audio out of Mozambique. Production of the game began with a game jam (Ludum Dare) in 2015 and has flourished into a fully-featured video game with the atmoshpere and aesthetics of a grimdark fantasy in a 16-bit world.


  • Grey pixel glory!
  • It's got branching paths, making it worthy of playing more than once to get all the good, good story.
  • It's got a ton of interesting fighting moves and 25+ different types of enemies, all in one-on-one fighting game style duels.
  • There are 14 BOSSES. I mean, dang, that's a lot of freaking bosses. Most games have a couple. And we just went and put 14 in.


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Original Soundtrack by Auxene Audio

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Deadly Edge Credits

Eric Lewis
Designer/Artist/Story, Bison Kings Game Studios

Bradley Erickson
Programmer, Bison Kings Game Studios

Mason Hall
Social Networking Engineer

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